Thinking back on all the series you have read to come up with the top five really gets you thinking. You really have to think hard, because the books that sucked, you probably already forgot about. I had to go back through my entire Good Reads list to dig up some of these. However, there was one that instantly stuck out to me right away: Divergent. And that is why it is at the top on my list.

1. Divergent (Sarah)
I can’t really say much without giving the book away. But those who have read it know exactly why this is on the top of my list. I mean ‘come on man’, why not Caleb instead?

2. Maze Runner (Sarah)
This series was hard to keep my attention the whole way, but I feel like the author just kind of gave up at the end.

3. The Hunger Games (Sarah)
I know a lot of you will hate me for this. But the honest truth is that Mockingjay just didn’t do it for me. I was completely in LOVE with the first book, but by the third, I started to lose interest and the ending just wasn’t the BIG BANG I was hoping for.

4. Return of the King – LOTR (Gab)
Ok. So here’s the thing. I really enjoyed reading the Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, and The Twin Towers. The first half of Return of the King was great, but the climax happens in the middle of the book and then 100 plus pages are spent saying goodbye. I was ready to say goodbye to the book at that point.

5. Gregor the Overlander Series (Gab)
This is Suzanne Collins first series. It’s five books long, but they are great except the end. It was very awkward and not believable. Guys, Suzanne Collins just sucks at writing endings. We are just going to have to live with that.

On the opposite side of this, one book series that accomplished THE PERFECT ENDING: Unwind. Just can’t stop thinking or raving about it. Check out Gab’s full series review.