Cinder by Marissa Meyer

“Even in the future the story begins with ‘Once Upon A Time'”.

cinderA futuristic spin to the classic cinderella story. Do not be thrown-off if the disney princess stories are not your kind of read. Cinder is a brilliant retelling of the traditional fairy tale princess story with the perfect combination of adventure, twists, and survival….AND Cyborgs and Androids.

Cinder, a cyborg step-daughter and brilliant mechanic, is trapped in a life of servitude to her guardian and two step-sisters. Living in a world where the a plague is running rampant throughout earth, Cinder soon discovers a secret and is set on a life-changing mission to save Earth.

You are bound to figure out the ‘plot twist’ early on, but let me tell you… if you only knew. Cinder is a character you will instantly fall in love with, cheering for her, and her android companion, at every turn along the way.