Cinder Review

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

“Even in the future the story begins with ‘Once Upon A Time'”.

cinderA futuristic spin to the classic cinderella story. Do not be thrown-off if the disney princess stories are not your kind of read. Cinder is a brilliant retelling of the traditional fairy tale princess story with the perfect combination of adventure, twists, and survival….AND Cyborgs and Androids.

Cinder, a cyborg step-daughter and brilliant mechanic, is trapped in a life of servitude to her guardian and two step-sisters. Living in a world where the a plague is running rampant throughout earth, Cinder soon discovers a secret and is set on a life-changing mission to save Earth.

You are bound to figure out the ‘plot twist’ early on, but let me tell you… if you only knew. Cinder is a character you will instantly fall in love with, cheering for her, and her android companion, at every turn along the way.

About Sarah Kloth

Sarah Kloth is a graduate of University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, accomplishing a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia Digital Arts. Kloth currently works at a local advertising agency as a web developer / digital marketing director. She is the dystopian editor at Shelf Unbound Magazine with her column "Dystopian Fangirl". She currently resided in Milwaukee with her husband, cat and chocolate lab. Sarah drinks over 6 cups of tea a day and loves to get "arts and crafty" while jamming out to MMMbop.