By: Melissa Marr

Nearly thirteen years after the publication of the first book in her Wicked Lovely series, Melissa Marr has returned to the alluring world of the fey for a prequel set X years before the events of Wicked Lovely.

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In 1890s New Orleans, resourceful Thelma ‘Tam’ Foy struggles to survive, crafting and selling exquisite jewelry and taking on odd jobs to barely get by. Though she would prefer the country, she’s safer in the city, where there are fewer fey to discover that she has the Second Sight, allowing her to perceive their humanizing glamours to see their true forms beneath. Tam knows to that men, especially fey men, must be avoided, but one, her guardian angel, or perhaps guardian devil, tests her resolve.

Irial is king of the Dark Court, known for its tendency towards pleasure and impulsivity, and he’s no stranger to passion, but his interest in mortal Thelma Foy is singular. Is the temptation to pursue her so strong because she is unknowingly caught in the middle of a fey curse and, therefore, forbidden, or it is his heart that compels him?

As Tam and Irial begin a flirtatious, ill-advised friendship, the Summer King and Winter Queen draw ever closer, continuing their longstanding, cursed feud. Longtime fans of the Wicked Lovely series will easily sink back into the dark, compelling world of the fey, while newcomers will also find much to love here (and will no doubt be thankful to discover the original series awaits them!). Perhaps slightly more mature than the original series, this prequel is a perfect pick for readers who enjoy Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black.