The Surface’s End
By David Joel Stevenson

“You’re telling me that my daughter got mixed up with a boy who thinks that he can talk to a man who has been dead for generations, and somehow convinced her to break into the most sophisticated security system in the history of humanity?”

Quick Overview:

Jonah always watched the Deathlands and wondered if the tales he heard about them were true. When a deer, what could be his families food supply for a month, wanders passed the border, he can’t justify NOT going after it. With a plan to get it and get out, what could the harm be? Little did he know he would be introducing himself to a whole new world he could have never imagined – and with it – his soul mate, the most beautiful being he has ever seen.

My Experience and Thoughts:

This book falls in line with the dystopian trend. Not going to lie, was a little unsure coming into the book, but quickly fell in love with the story and had to keep reading! Jonah is a relatable character – doing what he has to do to support his family – the struggle is real. But as we all feel from time to time – what if there is more to life outside of our standard boundaries? Well he finds it – and I am intrigued the whole time he is discovering it. The lead up – the effort it takes for him to get into the new world – the thought process of what he expects vs. what he finds. I loved it all. Could see this as a movie someday.

Then there is Talitha, the girl of his dreams, and the typical rebellious against her parents and society teenager. The feisty dreamer. Gotta love those characters.

My only complaint: From the time Jonah finally gets Talitha to believe him about the surface to the time the officers capture them and it all unwinds – it goes really quick. The buildup is 85% of the book, and then the whole story and ending come together very rapidly, almost too rapidly in the last 15%.

What I want to see happen now:

A sequel! Talitha is experiencing the surface for the first time ever – I want to know how the introduction goes with Jonah’s family. I want to experience everything like it’s a new, amazing miracle along with Talitha. I want to know if Jonah tells his father about the underground society – I want to know what happens next!

Needless to say – I recommend.


Near the edge of Jonah Whitfield’s small farming village lies the Deathlands – a strange desert in the middle of a lush, green landscape.

It is strictly forbidden.

Jonah often lingers at the border of the Deathlands out of curiosity, hunting wild game where no one else feels safe. When he follows a wounded deer into the desolate expanse, he stumbles upon a hatch to a futuristic underground society.

After setting eyes on a beautiful girl whose only wish is to see the surface, Jonah is determined to free her from a prison made of comfort and lies. Can he rescue her, or will he find himself trapped mere miles away from the life he has taken for granted?



About The Author


David Joel Stevenson lives outside of Nashville, TN with his wife Holly, several chickens, and thousands of honey bees. He is the singer in the band Manic Bloom (, a songwriter, a computer programmer, and is irregularly documenting his quests in homesteading on his blog, For more information, visit