Animus – The Oldest Soul Trilogy Book #1
by Tiffany FitzHenry

The Oldest Soul: Animus is strange, intriguing, and intellectually captivating – all the way through!

FitzHenry created a truly unique story, unlike anything I have ever encountered. FitzHenry takes scifi and fantasy beyond the typical ‘out of this world’ delivering a whole new level of ‘out of this …body… lifetime…everything’.

The Oldest Soul: Animus by Tiffany FitzHenry is an interesting story where the human soul continues to exist, reincarnated hundreds, thousands, millions of times. And that our souls are innately drawn to events and people of our past and continuously taken back by past negative encounters and sworn enemies.

There is a part in the book where Eve is thinking to herself that states, “I’m either getting answers I don’t want or questions that scare me. And all the unwanted answers I do get only lead to an unending cycle of more questions, every one of them more frightening than the last.” – This sums up how this book made me feel while reading it PERFECTLY!

Pro Tip: Don’t read Chapter 11 at night. I made the mistake of reading past my bedtime, and lets just say I found myself hiding under the covers.



Who knew that mapping the genome would lead to carbon dating the soul. And the oldest soul on earth – unbeknownst to her – is a seventeen-year-old girl named Evelyn O’Cleirigh, Eve, living in present day North Dakota. With scientists on the brink of decoding our DNA to determine the number of lifetimes a soul has lived, Eve meets a spellbinding boy named Jude, the only brand new soul on earth in centuries, and finds herself fatefully drawn to both him and Roman, her apparent love of lifetimes. But how will she choose between her soul mate and her fate? With no idea that her choice will alter the course of history – Paving the way for a world war of old souls versus new.

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TiffanyFitzhenryAbout Tiffany

Tiffany lives outside Atlanta with her husband (her soulmate) and their two daughters. She’s said that the story of The Oldest Soul had been “making its presence known” for several years. Eve first sprang into her mind–like a bucket of cold water in the face–while on a walk in 2011, she promptly went home and wrote the first 4 pages (which have remained unchanged since). But she filed Eve’s one-of-a-kind journey away in her mind when work on other projects beckoned. “I’ve been a writer of all forms of stories since I was around seventeen and the success of one of my TV pilots took me further from Eve’s story, but what I didn’t realize was that I was amassing inspiration the entire time. Everything in my world somehow always circled back to Eve.” In the spring of 2015, in a matter of months, she breathed life into ANIMUS, or rather, it breathed life into her … “The story is a force of nature–and seemed to move through me like an incredible breath of life from someplace else.” Tiffany has always said that stories “know what they want to be.” And that as a writer she feels it’s her job to “show up and get out of the way.” Never has that felt so true than when Eve is telling her story. “Honestly, I just write it down.”
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“You don’t have a soul, you are a soul… you have a body.” ~ C.S. Lewis

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