Fifty Percent Vampire by D.K. Janotta

Guest Post by Stephanie Orvis

I am a big user of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. I get to read all the vampire novels my heart desires and skip through the ones that don’t catch my interest. Fifty Percent Vampire was one of those novels that I wasn’t sure about because of the title, but luckily the description gave the book a good light and I dove right in.

We follow Astrid Sonnschein, teenage half-girl, half-vampire living in the middle of nowhere with her vampire mom and stepdad. Like any teenager, she want’s to have a life and live the rest of her days counting down the hours until her next test, not until her deranged vampire step-brother comes home. Reluctantly, Astrid’s parents agree to let her stay with her aunt, uncle and cousin to give her a chance at a life as a human.

Astrid’s cousin Emma shows her the ropes around Rosenburg High and soon enough, Astrid falls into a group of friends and her life is beginning to seem semi-normal. Like all high school girls, we want to find that special someone to spend our time with. After meeting Officer Mike, he is all Astrid can think about, but she moves on because he is way out of her league, not to mention an older man. This is the only part of the book that threw me off, if Astrid was an actual vampire and was hundreds of years old and not a 17 year old half vampire, this match-up would make a lot more sense-but I digress.

This book has a lot of twists that I was not expecting, at all. Like in the plot description, it is really hard for Astrid to live her human life while also having to take care of her vampire side. The things this girl has to go through makes you never want to stop reading. There are even people in her life that you don’t expect things to happen with, but they do and it’s awesome.

I would highly recommend this book, like I said the title threw me off, but once I started reading it was a book I definitely could not put down and for the sake of some of the characters, I hope there’s another book because I am dying to find out about their lives.



Living at home is driving seventeen-year-old Astrid Sonnschein nuts. She’s desperate to leave her parents behind, and why not, with stepfather George a foul-tempered old vampire, and Mom — well, the less we say about Mom the better.

Our heroine has another compelling reason for getting out of Dodge. If she stays home any longer she’s in danger of being transformed forever, and the last thing she wants is to become the newest Nosferatu.

She escapes to start a new life with her aunt and uncle, but soon finds out that nothing lasts forever. Living a lie proves to be more than a challenge, and Astrid is soon tracked down by the one person she hoped never to see again.

To make things even more complicated, she falls for Mike, a handsome young cop who has every last girl in town under his spell. Will Astrid be able to keep her guard up, or will her new love be her downfall?

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dk-janottaAbout The Author

D. K. Janotta lives up the mountain from Lake Geneva in Switzerland with his uncannily beautiful Romanian wife and two white mice both of whom have extraordinarily long teeth. On sunny days he runs wild over hills alive with the sound of yodelling. On rainy days he stays home and builds monsters.