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Welcome back to another Top 5 Wednesday. The topic for this week is Favorite Maps.

sarahklothSarah’s Picks

1) Walking Chaos Series (New Prentisstown)

2) The Legend Series (The Republic and Colonies)

3) Eragon (Alagaesia)

4) Young Elites (Kenttra)

5) Graceling (The Seven Kingdoms)



1. New Prentisstown. Chaos Walking Series.

Champion Book Map Legend Series

2. Champion. The Legend Series.

ERagon book map

3. Eragon

Young Elites Map

4. Young Elites.

Graceling Map

5. Graceling.


gabGab’s Picks

1) A Game of Thrones (The North and The South)

2) A Dance With Dragons (Valyria)

3) The Way of Kings (Roshar)

4) The Lord of the Rings (Gondor and Mordor)

5) The Rithmatist (The United Isles)


game of thrones map

1. A Game of Thrones (The North and South)

dance with dragons map

2. Dance With Dragons (Valyria)

way of kings map

3. The Way of Kings (Roshar)

lord of the rings map

4. The Lord of the Rings (Gondor and Mordor)

the rithmatist map

5. The Rithmatist (The united Isles)


Corinna’s Picks

1) Narnia

2) The Hobbit

3) Spiderwick Chronicles

4) Eragon

5) Lord of the Rings


narnia map

1. Narnia

eragon map

4. Eragon