Black Bottle Man
By Craig Russell

Not very often can a book pull-off a run in with the devil. This book had me hooked in the beginning the the pace kept me there all the way through. If we can get past ‘book bans’ this would be a GREAT edition to the required reading list hands down.

Being an avid reader of fantasy and sci-fi fiction, Russell’s ‘fantasy’ or more so ‘magical’ creation was done is such a unique way that it was refreshing. This book is like ‘breakfast for dinner’ a combination of things that shouldn’t go together but somehow fit perfectly –  a dance with the devil, a spiritual quest, having to move every 12 days, and hobo signs.


Forced to move every twelve days, what would happen to your life? 1927. Rembrandt is the only child in the tiny community of Three Farms. Soon his two aunts grow desperate for babies of their own. A man wearing a black top—coat and a ’glad—ta—meet—ya’ smile arrives with a magic bottle and a deadly deal is made. Determined to undo the wager, Rembrandt, Pa, and Uncle Thompson embark on the journey of their lives, for if they stay in one place for more than twelve days terrible things happen. But where and when will they find a champion capable of defeating the Black Bottle Man?
Time ticks.
Lives change.
Every twelve days. . .

RusselAbout the Author

Craig Russell grew up on what may be the flattest half-section of land on the planet, six miles north of Carman, Manitoba. He is now a lawyer and lives in Brandon.