Birth of Hope: The Gaia Chronicles Release + Giveaway

Gaia Birth Of Hope 3rd Cover

Title: Birth of Hope: The Gaia Chronicles

Author: A.J. Trevors

Release Date: Feb 1, 2016 (Pre-Order Now!)

Publisher: Black Ink Stories

Formats: Ebook

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Joy. Peace. Fear. Death. Hope. To many, these are just emotions, facial expressions or words that are evoked in the face of numerous situations. However, there are a select few in the galaxy that have the power to wield them into something more. Into a weapon. Into a personification of their inner being.

They are called Spectres

Damien is one such person. With the Spectre Hope, he will shoulder the hopes of the galaxy as he strikes out on an epic adventure that will bring readers to all four corners of the planet, Gaia. From the peaks of Mount Cygnus to the sand-blasted plains of the Tahiba Dessert, Damien and his group of friends will try to find a way to end the war with the merciless Vangarians and unlock the secrets hidden within the depths of their hearts.

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Free copy of ‘Birth of Hope: The Gaia Chronicles’ and flash fiction entitled ‘Janus: Circuit Breaker’. Contest Runs January 17 – January 31st. Winner will be announced on February 1st.
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Exclusive Excerpt:

He shifted his glance towards Damien. Well, at least they saved one of them. The One Hope too, by the looks of it.

He tried to bite back the bile rising in his throat, which happened every time he heard the words ‘One Hope’.

For Damien’s sake, he better be the On-

Jakob shot him a glance, the fish falling from his fingers.

Adrix flipped forward, gracefully doing a handstand as an energy bolt flew between his parting legs. In one motion, he withdrew his pistol and sprayed three shots in response. His actions were rewarded by a surprising grunt, accompanied by a body crashing through the underbrush, a smoking hole burnt in the Vangarian’s skull.

The forest around them exploded into life. Vangarians poured in from every direction, hissing and priming their blasters. Adrix soon found himself back to back with Jakob, surrounded on all sides by lizards, baying for their blood.

The commotion was ended by clapping. A Vangarian stepped into view, its scaly hands emitting a strange clacking as it clapped. It stood a head taller than the rest of them. The green scales on its bare chest gleamed sickly in the moonlight and its black cloak was fringed with a bright blood red.

Adrix broke into a cold sweat. The horde were ranked by the colour of their armour. However, a black cloak plus blood red combination belonged to a privileged and powerful class of warriors within the horde. The very ones both Adrix and Jakob were hoping to avoid as they fled to the Core.

“What reflexes, boy” hissed the thadhe. He stopped clapping as he eyed his prey. “Survivors from the Sanctuary eh?”

Both of them just kept their silence.

“Curious contraptions on your back”, the thadhe continued, gesturing to their inert Rubix suits. “Funny, I think I’ve seen those somewhere before.”

His face contorted to what the Vangarians’ passed off as a wide grin before shifting his cloak to reveal the twig-like limbs clamped to his own back.

With his other hand, it depressed a wrist button.

A large hammer swept down, shuddering to a stop as it clashed against a barely visible thin black blade.

The thadhe cackled as Adrix stood stoically.

“Finally, a challenge!” he proclaimed. “I get sick and tired of chasing these mewling humans that have no spirit in them.”

“Well, then”, Jakob replied coldly. “We are tonight’s entertainment. Now!”

Both depressed their wrist buttons at the same time.

The shadows waxed and waned behind Adrix before melting over a slim figure armoured in black. It was a head taller than Adrix and sported a long black cloak that whipped wildly in the wind. Runes glowed brightly on i’s bare forearms and calves whilst it’s face was totally covered by a mask sporting a thin visor and a thick red line going down the middle. In its hand was the blade, still locked with the hammer.

The air around them exploded. Behind him, Adrix could hear the whine of Bishamonten’s Gatling gun. His own Spectre disengaged with the hammer and weaved efficient patterns in the air that blocked any and all incoming laser blasts aimed at Adrix’s person.

He didn’t stay on the defensive for long though. The Rubix suit hissed as Adrix’s fingers rose and fell, guiding the direction of his Spectre’s blade. A burst of black energy rushed forward in a wave as it swept the sword in a wide arc, slicing five Vangarians in half. His Spectre moved faster than the eye could track, appearing at one side before the next, slashing his way through the increasingly thinning number of assailants.

Very soon, it was only him and the thadhe.

IMG_3635About Andy:

Andy James Trevors is a 21 year old author hailing from Melbourne, Australia. He has written two flash fiction novels entitled ‘Stab in the Back’ and ‘Phae and the Sun Chariot’ respectively, which has garnered minor success in the indie publishing world. He is currently working on his first full length novel, a fantasy.sci-fi epic entitled ‘The Gaia Chronicles: Birth of Hope’.