What’s That Hashtag: #DNF

So many hashtags. So little time.



This was probably one of the hardest acronyms for me to decipher. Do not fart. Does not function. Draw nun fairies. WHAT COULD IT MEAN?????

Did Not Finish. Oh, of course! Make so much sense now!

There will always be books we do not finish. It may be because you thought you were in the mood for the book at the time, but then you weren’t, another book caught your attention, put it down and forgot about it, or you didn’t like it. Whatever the reason may be, on Twitter and Instagram, readers will mark it as #DNF. I hate marking a book #DNF, but it happens. It’s the cruel reality of the book world.

Here are some books that I #DNF’d:



What are some books you marked as #DNF and why? Let us know in the comments!


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