G+B Wins Top 100 Book Review Blogs Award

Top 100 Book Review Blogs For Book Readers and Authors

G+B Wins Top 100 Book Review Blogs Award

Girl Plus Book has proudly been awarded Top 100 Book Review Blog Award from Feedspot. CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to every blogger and author out there who has helped us make this Top Book Review blogs list! This is the most comprehensive list of best Book Review blogs on the internet and we are honored to have been a part!


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Sarah Kloth is a graduate of University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, accomplishing a Bachelors of Arts in Multimedia Digital Arts. Kloth currently works at a local advertising agency as a web developer / digital marketing director. She is the dystopian editor at Shelf Unbound Magazine with her column "Dystopian Fangirl". She currently resided in Milwaukee with her husband, cat and chocolate lab. Sarah drinks over 6 cups of tea a day and loves to get "arts and crafty" while jamming out to MMMbop.

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