Why did Anthony Broderick decide to create the ‘Adventures of Jack and Adam’ and ‘The Larry Right’ Children’s book series/franchise?

Ever since I was a young boy I have always admired creative people. I enjoyed TV shows, movies and some books but was in most admiration for the people that were behind these creations and empires. I was always in aww of how people like Matt Groening created ‘The Simpsons’ and Seth MacFarlane created ‘Family Guy’, which in my opinion are genius. I say they are genius as they possess an addictive quality that causes you to want to watch more and eagerly await the next episode. They are also creations that are much more than a ‘TV’ programme, but more of a franchise with ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Family Guy’ names becoming associated as worldwide brands.

As a young primary teacher beginning my teaching career, I noticed the lack of addictive reading within schools and within the spectrum of children and young adults in general. Children were more inclined to read as a result of ‘reading being important’ and ‘crucial to doing well in school’ and more inclined to turn to a movie or TV show for real enjoyment. There were however the odd book series like ‘The Famous Five’ and ‘Secret Seven’ that captured the imagination of boys and girls both young and old but these were books written over thirty years ago. There were ‘The Harry Potter Series’ which even though is excellent wasn’t something a lot of children related to. It is fantasy and I found lots and lots of these book series lost their addictive quality due to their farfetched nature. Although lots and lots of children are big fans of it all there was still a massive market of children not been catered for? Many of these children couldn’t relate to this type of material unlike the constant amount of Netflix series, TV programmes and cartoons they watched each and every weekend.

It was after these observations that I began to see an opportunity. An opportunity not alone to fulfil my ambition of creating a brand and new series like Matt and Seth, but an opportunity to create a series of children’s books that got the non-readers back to enjoying reading again, got the people who preferred turning on the TV to get entertainment rather than opening a book back to opening that book again and got the people who couldn’t get stuck into a book series because it was so far away from reality it became pointless, back to reading again. I knew I was able to do this as I was and am this ‘type of non-reader’ and person that struggled to get into and really love a book series unlike a TV series or movie. I always remember teachers saying to me that ‘lots of people love reading books because it makes you escape reality for the moments you are reading and get lost in the reading world’. I personally would prefer if you could read a series of books that you can you can link with reality and learn and use valuable aspects that you are reading.

It was at that point that the idea for ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ children’s book series was born. I thought about what was important, fun and interesting when it came to creating a brand new series and then incorporated aspects of family, friends and adventures into a captivating series that will get children back to not alone loving reading again but empowering and enable them to become creative, imaginative and confident people themselves.

I spent five years writing to date ten books in the ‘Jack and Adam’ series, a series which is addictive in nature and a series unlike no other. As an author I think my mind and imagination combine to create the perfect ingredients towards making this series of children’s books one of the most successful ever. We follow two brothers Jack and Adam and their pets Club, a Labrador dog and Diamond, a black cat on a range of fascinating adventures both near their home and abroad. After the third book Jack and Adam join forces with many girl characters that empower their team and enable them to conquer seemingly impossible tasks.

As a teacher and as a young adult growing up in 21st century society I also noticed the increasing amount of people that suffer from mental health and general problems associated with negativity and the mind-set. I have carefully planned this series around these common problems and addressed them through an invaluable way within this ‘Jack and Adam’ series. Not alone have I addressed them but I have also found a way to deal with these problems and teach boys and girls that correct way to address any problem or conflict that comes their way.

The Adventures of Jack and Adam series is presented as a currently unending series of medium sized stories that will capture the imagination of children and young adults and encourage them to get stuck into an exciting adventure of the imagination thrills and suspense.

To date I have the first two books ‘Wanted’ and ‘The Widow’ in this series released and they both have been a massive hit. Available in shops and online thousands of children both young and old have gotten stuck into the series and the ‘Jack and Adam’ brand. Hundreds of schools have shown interest in getting these books in the classroom as teachers and parents can see the popularity and value they possess. I have thousands of people interacting on the ‘Jack and Adam’ social media sites on a weekly basis with many fun competitions and offerings in the series. I have also a range of Jack and Adam merchandise out and available including laptop bags, t shirts, pencil cases and jigsaws. All available online at jackandadam.com or through contacting any of the social media accounts directly.

Thousands of ‘Jack and Adam’ fans eagerly await the next book in the series ‘The Blaze’ which is coming out this summer.

As well as ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ series and all the invaluable and creative content that exists within it I also began to see another opportunity for another children book series. I always remember from ‘The Simpsons’ how the ‘Itchy and Scratchy’ show which was Bart and Lisa’s favourite TV programme excited within the main Simpsons programme. I wanted to create another series and link it to the ‘Jack and Adam’ series to complement it and also help to build its brand. It was then ‘The Larry Right Series’ was born.

As a primary teacher I noticed a lot of important material related to life after school/business and entrepreneurship was rarely if not ever addressed to children at a young age. It is my opinion that these concepts just like learning the subject of maths or geography are key, and more importantly it is key to address them at a young age. Having always possessed a business mind and having grown up in a family who were very motivated and driven, it was second nature to me to think and create a series that would yet again tick all of these boxes and get children engaged and sucked into ‘The Larry Right Series’.

‘The Larry Right Series’ which is a programme Jack and Adam’s avidly watch, follows a 12 year old boy called Larry Right. This character has always been interested and motivated towards becoming a successful and wealthy businessman. He isn’t really interested in following the common path of many going to college, getting a job etc, and more interested in those people who thought outside the box and created their own paths and worked hard towards making their dreams come true. These people like entrepreneurs were the people he longed to be like and follow and create his own empire.

In the pretext to this series we read how a specific incident caused Larry to takes things to a new level and prove a certain individual wrong. It is after this Larry sets aside time each day to think of a plan and idea to try and make it big and make his money. This series includes episodes where we learn of Larry’s latest plans to make his millions and each episode in the series teaches children how to think outside the box and create similar opportunities in their own lives.

This series is very addictive and just like ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ series I can see it getting very big, not just as a book series but as an overall brand. So far two of these episodes ‘Larry’s Logs’ and’ Larry’s Leaflet’ are out and have been a big hit. They are currently available as an e book and I intend to release them in book form shortly.

As an author and businessman I foresee great things for these book series not alone in terms of what they can achieve but what they can instill and achieve for children in society. There is a massive market out there for ‘The Adventures of Jack and Adam’ and Larry Right Series’ and it is only a matter of time before the world see it.