Onyx by Jennifer Armentrout (Lux Book #2)


Five. Stars.

Yes. This is me liking the SECOND book better than the first. After finishing Obsidian, I was skeptical about continuing. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but because I didn’t know where it could possible go from there. I thought, OK, now we all know they are aliens, Now what? Thinking it was just going to trail on. I could not have been anymore wrong. One twist after another to keep you reading past your bedtime. If you didn’t fall for Deamon in the first book, you 100% will by the end of this. Not only that but you will read right on into the next book without coming up for air.

Spoiler Alert:

The twist of finding out Blake was a “mutant”! OMG. Did not see that coming. Looking back I should have known something big was coming with the foreshadowing of Deamon’s continued not liking him, but never thought of this. It was a little predictable when Blake was always talking about “Liz”. You totally knew it was going to end up being Dawson’s girlfriend and we were bound to find her still alive, if not both of them.

Continuously was thinking throughout the book. Where is Simon? Is Blake really bad? Did he do something with him?

I challenge you to stop reading after chapter 19. There is just no way. You will have to cancel all plans, call in sick, stay up til 4am. Whatever it is to continue reading.

Pencil Stab.

Bonus Points.