T5W: Characters You Wish You Could Drown

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters you wish you could drown

Sarah’s Picks

sarahkloth 1) Dude who killed Manchee from the Chaos Walking Series. His name is not even worth looking up.
Seriously though, I dont even remember his name. But when I find him, I will hunt him down. He made me cry for DAYS! I still have flashbacks of Manchee and start to tear up.

2)Nate from Afterimage

3)Starkey from Unwind Series
You ruined so many things. So many. I have no words for you.

4) Blake from Lux
You lying sack of Sh*T. You almost killed my favorite person. And not only that you betrayed her beyond all betrayal.

5) Thomas Bryant from Legend Series


Gab’s Picks


1) Ramsay Bolton from A Song of Ice and Fire

2) Cersei Lannister from A Song of Ice and Fire

3) Laura Jean from P.S. I Love You

4) Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

5) Bella Swan from Twilight
She should have been gone when she jumped off that cliff.

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